Guide To Buy The Best Band Saw Machine

There are many budding businesses that look for the ways in which they can save money. In UK, there are many wood cutting industries that look for cost cutting and one of the best ways is to buy a used bandsaw for sale UK.

There are several factors that you should look for which are discussed as follows.

Open or Closed Stand:

There are two kinds of machines available in the market. You must prefer the close one over the open one as it saves your machine from the dust and keeps it clean. The closed one has the space in it for keeping the tools.

Frame Style:

There are many machine frames available for the machines. But you must prefer the iron cast frame over the steel ones. Avoid the frames of steel or the single cabinet as it is not much strong to bear the force.

Motor Size:

The power of the motor is the essential thing that one must keep in mind while buying the machines. The power of the motor generally ranges between ½ HP to the 1 ½ HP. The smaller sized motor does the primary work like household work while the harder work needs the machines of heavy power.


There are two types of wheels in the machines, one is at the tip of the machine and another is at the bottom of the machine. The alignment of both the machines is very necessary. Buy the machine in which the wheel has more number of spokes in it as more the number of spokes, smoother and easier the operations will be.

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