A General View on Notary Public

If you want your important documents to be legalised, your identity papers to be authorised or need an affidavit to be done, then the best thing to do is consult notary public in London. To do notarisations, the first consideration is the need and the fees allotted for particular notary to be done.

Here are few pointers to aid you in knowing about notary:

  • Consider the kind of notary you need: Will you need just a witness stamp on the ownership documents of land assets or want an affidavit? Noting in the customer service block the reason you are there, will help you to complete the task soon.
  • Take identity papers: Make sure to take all the identity papers needed to identify you as the whole purpose of notary is to make the signed papers totally legal to prove it isn’t fake papers.
  • Arrange all the papers needed to be notarised: It will be helpful if the documents to be stamped and signed by notary are well organised otherwise your valuable time will surely get wasted.
  • Know the fees: The fees to have the witness sign of the notary differs in accordance to the documents you prefer to legalise. The numbers of notarisation on varied documents are valued while calculating the fees paying amount. If your need of notarisation falls under complex work, the fees may rise otherwise you just need to pay fixed fees.

The fee may increase if you prefer to do it online or from mobile notary as you have to pay for the transportation or shipping charges to notary public in London.