Arrange Your Reception In A Wedding Marquee To Make It A Glorious Event

Selection of wedding venues is a tedious task. When your wedding date is decided, the primary thing that you start looking for is a suitable venue that is convenient for all guests to reach. Wedding marquees are made of modern infrastructure where there are no poles in between the tent occupying space. Also, modern marquees are made of metal frames which give it a firm structure.

The marriage marquee hire in Slough, UK is considered unique and trendy as the decoration can be done according to the theme. Some companies also provide props to enhance the decor, indoor and outdoor. Since you spend so much on your wedding gown, catering service, and thankyou gifts, if you get a chance of saving some penny on a venue then let’s not miss the opportunity.

Here are some types of marquees by County Marquees, that can give you an idea as to what type will be appropriate for your affair 

  • Wedding marquee gives you an open space to enjoy your wedding reception. There are many packages provided by firms to enjoy your wedding.
  • If you have indoor event, an in-house marquee gives a friendly atmosphere.
  • Corporate marquee is used for marketing events that are created in different colours, themes and designs.
  • Party marquee is available for any sort of event whether it is a birthday or thank you party.

There are various types of wedding marquees –

  • Framed marquees which are the most expensive ones. Build with strong metal frame.
  • Traditional canvas marquee is small but isn’t wind and water resistant therefore, wedding in summers can opt for this venue.
  • Indian tent or Bedouin has poles to hold the tent and the middle space is occupied by poles.
  • Tepee style marquee is made in tripod form where rope and beams hold the tent.

Your wedding should be a memorable day. Make it special by creating a special decor and venue for everyone.