Basic Car Problems And Repairs

Car is the most common asset everyone is having now. They are available in different versions, different sizes, SUV’s, comfortable ones etc. Along with the luxury it provides, proper maintenance and handling is also needed. If it breaks down, you must be aware of the garages. But most of the people’s common question is, ‘are there any car repairs near me?’ which is good. You must be also aware of the most common problem regarding the cars and the costs pertaining to it.

Common problems

Oxygen sensor problems are very common as the age of the car increases. It is an important part in the car’s exhaust system which traces any uncombusted oxygen. It would cost around two hundred and fifty dollars for oxygen sensor replacement. The product of combustion of fuel is hazardous to environment. Hence, these products have to be neutralized before releasing to the atmosphere. This is done by the catalytic converter. They are built to stay healthy for the entire life of car but other problems in the exhaust system can cause the breakdown of catalytic converter.

Clearwater performance – check your brakes regularly

Checking your brakes important. Look and listen on a regular basis. Check the pad against the brake disc should have minimum 1/4 inch of pad. If you hear squealing or screeching this is a sign to check. .If you're unsure come in and let us check for piece of mind. …-Website Clear Water Performance :: Home☎️ 01285 869 385 / 07713 817 277-Email :

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Spark plugs are used for igniting the fuel and thereby driving your engine. But as the car becomes old, spark plugs might wear out and there might be ignition problems. This can cost thousands of dollars if not diagnosed and treated earlier. Continuous combustion can cause the engine to heat and may get damaged. Hence, a thermostat is must and it has to be replaced immediately when it gets in to a problem. Otherwise a faulty thermostat can lead to complete engine failure.