Different Types Of Electric Vehicles Available In The Market

The citizens of UK are switching towards sustainable and eco-friendly ways to save the environment and natural resources like using electric vehicles. If you are thinking about getting an electric vehicle then you can choose from its three major types which are discussed as follows.

BEV or Battery Electric Vehicles

These are the most used types of electric vehicles which are the cheapest as well as easily available in the market. As the name suggests, these are built with rechargeable electric battery system and are not only available for adults but many toy and bike manufacturers are also using it in kid’s bikes. So, if you want an electric bike for your kid, you can get it from a good store in UK.

electric moped

HEV or Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The standard hybrid model of electric vehicle is a combination of vehicles powered by both electricity as well as gasoline. That means, one can charge the battery with electric source as well as can fill up the tank with gasoline which gives you double convenience. You can use whichever power source you want, as per your convenience.

PHEV or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles 

This kind of electric vehicle is a hybrid of two technologies to charge the batteries. One is the usual external plug-in source of electrical power while the other way is to charge from a regenerative braking power. These vehicles can go from 10-40 miles with a full charged battery, depending upon the manufacturer and hardware of the particular model.