Ways For Preparation Of Foie Gras

Food is a thing that experiences great experiments and discoveries every day. The reason behind it is the always unsatisfied taste buds of people. There are a number of exquisite food items that are used in exotic dishes to make them even more special. However, nothing beats the goodness of Foie gras when it comes to non-vegetarian cuisines. It is made using the liver of a duck or a healthy goose. There are specialized Foie Gras retailers such as www.foieroyale.com that supply it fresh and healthy.

Here are some ways this ingredient can be prepared.

Searing – The best possible way of preparing the foe gras is to cut the pieces into thick slices and sear those pieces. Searing this ingredient in butter for a short while makes the outer crust a bit crispy while maintaining a smooth texture and feel on the inside. It melts easily in the mouth. The collagen content in the liver is low which causes it to taste and feel tender with mild cooking while it can become dry because of overcooking.

Terrine – It is also known as pâté de foie. The making process of terrine for foie gras requires pressing the liver inside a mold and heating it gently in a water bath with a warm temperature for cooking. Next, it requires cooling down the gras and slicing it to serve.

Torchon – This preparation requires rolling and poaching of the livers inside a towel. This makes them easier for being sliced into different size rounds for different dish requirements