Veterinary Services Offered By Professional

If you are a proud owner of a pet, it is your duty to take its proper care. In Beaverton, owners take their pets to the vet at regular time intervals for medical checkup in order to ensure that they are healthy. The vets also give advice to the new pet owners on how to take good care of their new family members. They also offer a wide range of services apart from essential vaccinations.

Services offered by the veterinarians:

Surgery services – If your pet is not feeling well or has suffered a fracture or dislocation then the vets might suggest a surgery. Surgeries can also be recommended in case of severe belly issues, cancer, spinal issues, ACL repair etc. A series of tests are conducted by the Beaverton vets before the surgery in order to ensure that the surgery goes well.

Dentistry services – In this regular cleaning and polishing is offered to the pets to protect them from painful tooth decay. Regular checkups also help in knowing the exact condition of pet’s oral health. Moreover, these hospitals also provide a number of dental surgeries to the pets if they notice any problem. They also subject them to different activities to strengthen their teeth or oral condition.

Emergency care – If there is an emergency like your pet has ingested a chocolate, suffered an accident or got poisoned, you can call the vets and take your pet to them. Calling before hand allows them to make the needed arrangements and provide the treatment to the pet instantly.